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Women in HR

The Role Of HR In the Gender Pay Gap

The Role Of HR In the Gender Pay Gap The gender pay gap and the differences between how men and women are treated in the workplace is an important issue in any HR role. It raises a plethora of questions concerning equality, diversity and workplace

Impact of Stress and Conflict on Leadership Approach

We all know that dealing with a stressful situation can take its toll on our wellbeing, so what is good leadership in difficult situations? When things are going well, we access our own natural leadership style that our friends and colleagues see and experience.  When

How To Support Employees Through Traumatic Change

Traumatic change can impact anyone, both physically and emotionally. How people respond to this change can completely differ from person to person. With the ongoing pandemic hitting the UK, most organisations have had to adjust and adapt their ways in order to support employees to

Making Someone Redundant During COVID-19

With the last few months bringing very little clarity and certainty, most businesses throughout the UK have been struggling to operate as usual. Unfortunately, some businesses have had to temporarily close, whilst others continue to struggle through the crisis and have been forced to make

The Future of Reward & Talent Management

Workplace productivity brings a variety of benefits, such as profitability, employee morale and overall job satisfaction. Productivity is key and if your workforce is productive and dedicated to their work, the quality and quantity of their work will also improve. However, having a productive workforce

HR & Marketing – The Dream Team

The growing significance of the employer brand is one of the biggest drivers in HR’s shift from a support function to a key strategic player. In the 21st century, power dynamics between the marketer and the customer and the employee and the employer have shifted,

How HR Supports Organisational Strategy

As an HR leader, it can be tough to be excluded from meetings that you know you should be in, when you know that your role reaches and influences every part and aspect of the business. How do you articulate the importance of the HR