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Strengths-based Coaching

effective relationships at work

How to Have More Effective Relationships at Work

Have you ever said something in the heat of the moment, that you later regret?  An emotional response to a frustrating situation that in hindsight you might want to change. Join the club. Here is a simple model that might help to explain it, and

Understanding Strengths-Based Leadership

When coaching leaders, I regularly refer to strengths, and how we can apply our unique strengths to our lives and work, and become the best possible version of ourselves. When we work with our strengths, we are energised by what we are doing, and we

Impact of Stress and Conflict on Leadership Approach

We all know that dealing with a stressful situation can take its toll on our wellbeing, so what is good leadership in difficult situations? When things are going well, we access our own natural leadership style that our friends and colleagues see and experience.  When

How to overcome your self-limiting beliefs

Self-limiting beliefs can be detrimental to your personal and professional development, as well as your self-confidence. They can hold you back from achieving goals and doing what you want. They become self-limiting because they prevent you from trying things or from reaching your full potential.

5 simple ways to make networking work for you

Attending a networking opportunity and making the most of it are two very different things. ​ You score definite points for having the confidence to put yourself out there and showing up in the first place. But to make networking effective, you have to put

How great leaders delegate work effectively

Delegation plays an important part in maximising productivity. As a manager or leader, it can be difficult to begin delegating to members of your team. This could be due to a number of reasons. Perhaps you are concerned about burdening your team with more work,

Are these self limiting beliefs holding you back?

Why do some people experience more success than others? They seem to streak ahead while you are stuck at the starting line. A lot of it comes down to holding onto beliefs that you have acquired over time, that limit your potential.  In coaching terms,

Is your biggest weakness actually a strength in disguise?

Many people would describe strengths and weaknesses as being polar opposites of each other. Some things you are ‘good’ at and some things you are ‘bad’ at, right? ​ Well actually, there is another way to look at this.There are substantiated theories that challenge this