Strengths-based coaching

One to one coaching sessions are confidential, skilled and focused conversations that challenge and support you to work out strategies to enable you to succeed. Coaching can help stimulate new ideas to solve existing challenges, accelerate your personal development, build resilience, improve business results and engagement levels, and develop your leadership presence and impact.

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How does it work?

Face-to-face sessions, typically held at your place of work or an agreed place offsite if preferred, where we work together on agreed targets to develop your individual performance capabilities and to achieve results.

I also offer ‘Laser Coaching’ phone calls between sessions on an as required basis, which my clients tell me are a great way to keep momentum going between the face to face sessions, build on the insights gained and embed new learning. They are designed to work on a specific ‘in the moment’ issue that is impeding progress.

What will you get out of it?

My coaching methodology has been developed over many years, helping senior leaders develop, grow and excel in the workplace.

Recent assignments include coaching a Director to challenge his self-limiting beliefs, build presence and credibility, and build strong relationships in key accounts leading to successful promotion and successful delivery of 7-digit revenue over two consecutive years.

Some of the ways my clients have personally benefited from coaching include:

  • developing insights and strategies to address new and existing challenges
  • improving resilience in the face of setbacks
  • enhancing personal effectiveness and confidence
  • achieving better work-life balance
  • making an impact in the first 100 days of a new role
  • preparing yourself for your next promotion

Strengths-based coaching can address a range of topics, including:

  • First 100 days: for newly-promoted leaders, to quickly clarify performance expectations, understand stakeholders needs, build a strong reputation, build the trust of a new team and make a strong first impression
  • Women in Leadership: for aspiring and established female leaders to equip with strategies to overcome obstacles and promote a strong sense of self-belief
  • Leadership presence and impact: for established managers and leaders, to build self-awareness, maximise strengths, understand derailing behaviours and get the most from their team
  • Wellbeing: Senior leaders carry a huge responsibility on their shoulders, often without anyone to turn to for support they need. My coaching provides senior leaders with a range of tools and techniques to address a wide range of common wellbeing challenges, including work/life balance, improving self-confidence, and stress management.
  • Grief, loss & traumatic change:  Helping individuals to positively address the impact of grief and loss, including bereavement, divorce and other traumatic change events, to return quickly to be being able to function normally and effectively.

What happens afterwards?

Many of my clients have been with me on and off for years – I am never far away and always on the end of a phone.

All my one-on-one clients get access to my knowledge base so that they can refresh at any time, remember the key insights gained and ensure that the changes made as a result of the coaching will stick and become life changing.

The benefits to you and your business/career

A relatively small upfront investment will reap dividends in future career progression and productivity. Whether you want to make a bigger impact at work, or address what might be getting in the way of reaching your fullest potential, then coaching is a very effective way to achieve this.

You will be equipped with a range of new insights and techniques to apply in the workplace once the sessions have finished.  This fresh insight will enable you to address each and every new challenge with renewed self-awareness, focus and perspective, long after the coaching has finished.

Where do I start?

To establish mutual trust and get a sense of whether we feel we would work well together, we would start with a free introductory/chemistry meeting, either face to face or via Skype/phone.

At this stage we will discuss your current opportunities and challenges, establish your goals and priorities, and we would also discuss logistics, timings and other practicalities.

Following this session, if you want to go ahead, we would arrange the face to face sessions to get started.

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