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Grief, loss & change support

Support your employees. Positively address and recover from significant change and loss your organisation.

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Supporting Grief, Loss & Significant Change in Your Workplace

Do you want to support your employees to better cope with significant change, grief or loss?

Would an informative webinar or workshop, or supportive 1:1 grief & loss coaching be great additions to your wellbeing programme?

Grief and bereavement present enormous emotional and practical challenges for employees, including a range of losses not always attributed to grief (loss of freedom, fear of the future, loss of family contact, loss of financial security)

EAP services are over-stretched and perhaps not always the right option for many employees.

When I was bereaved in 2010, I couldn’t find positive, proactive support to help me recover and adjust to my ‘new normal’. I didn’t feel I needed counselling or therapy, and the executive coaches I spoke to didn’t seem to be experienced in this area. And yet I needed to continue performing in my busy HR Director role.

When I qualified as a coach, I added to my existing coaching experience with specialist grief training, and now use this blended skillset to help individuals to positively address and recover from all forms of significant change and loss, including redundancy, divorce and bereavement.

I have recognised over this time that the responses we experience in relation to the death of a loved one are attributable to ALL forms of change and loss.

I offer a unique range of grief, change and loss wellbeing interventions for organisations to support employees who have experienced significant change, and want to recover from the impact of this quickly and to re-engage with the working world and be fully productive again.

1:1 Grief and Loss Coaching

Recover from grief coaching


Remote via Zoom

A structured 1:1 coaching programme that is applicable for anyone wanting to take the necessary actions to make a transformational change to the emotional impact felt from a specific significant loss, including bereavement, divorce and redundancy.

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The programme starts with an introduction 60-minute session via Zoom/other web calling app, where I share the foundation principles of the programme and get to know the employee and their unique set of circumstances. This is followed by 4 further 60 minute remote 1:1 sessions where I guide and support the employee through the actions required to let go of the pain of their loss and regain a sense of balance and perspective.

The programme is supported by a 4 e-books with exercises and further reading to complete between each session. All materials are provided.

In total there are 5 weekly or fortnightly 60 minute sessions via Zoom or other web calling app.


My clients report a transformational change to their perspective and sense of balance in relation to the loss experienced, and a significant reduction to the degree of grief-related pain.

​Participants will also have the tools to apply the same process to other losses in their life, now and in the future.

Bereavement at work coaching


Remote via Zoom

Bereavement Coaching is a highly effective programme of executive coaching designed to support employees experiencing the severe impact of bereavement in the context of their professional life. Unlike the structured Recover from Grief Coaching Programme, this approach does not focus exclusively on transformational recovery from one significant loss. Instead, the focus is on returning to work immediately after a significant loss, and how to navigate adjusting back to working life while still grieving.

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This is a 3-session programme, which takes place following the loss, at a time when the employee needs to focus on how to adjust to returning to work. The sessions are completely confidential, and tailored to suit the specific needs of the individual. It is not designed to replace any additional counselling or support services they may be undertaking.

The programme typically covers:

Understanding your grief – we explore the physical and emotional symptoms of grief, how the loss is impacting them, and explore any specific concerns about readjustment to work.

Navigating your grief at work – focusing on making practical adjustments and establishing what they need, physically and emotionally, to help adjust to working while grieving.

Looking to the future – we explore how their grief has evolved, talk through ongoing challenges faced, and agree strategies to manage their emotional wellbeing, resilience and planning for the future.


My clients report that they are able to better support their emotional wellbeing using coping techniques and communication strategies bespoke to their needs, and having gained a deeper insight into the ways in which their loss has affected them and others.

Live Grief and Loss Webinars with Q&A (1 hour)

Adjusting to change webinar

Change is a form of loss – whether that is suddenly losing something familiar to us, losing our sense of direction and purpose, or the sense of loss we feel when change is extreme, ambiguous and out of our control. The Coronavirus pandemic is a classic example of this. A sudden and extreme change to almost all that is familiar to us.

​This webinar covers the ways in which change can impact us – physically and emotionally, how change is uniquely affecting us, and practical tips on how best to support yourself and others who are experiencing extreme change.

The webinar covers:

  • The emotions of change
  • Understanding our own response to change
  • Ways to regain a sense of control
  • How we can support others through change
  • How we can support ourselves through change
  • A practical coaching tool to use to support these areas
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Grief & loss awareness webinar

​Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss, whether that loss has been brought about by the death of someone important in your life, the end of a significant relationship, or any significant life or change event. The problem is that while grief is a natural emotion, we often feel unprepared for how to deal with it ourselves or help others during this time.

This informative webinar covers the myths and misunderstandings widely held about grief, some grief models that can help to explain the experience, and practical tips on things to say, things to avoid saying, and how best to support yourself and others who are grieving.

The webinar covers:

  • Understanding grief and bereavement
  • Myths and perceptions of grief
  • The grief process
  • How we can support colleagues who are grieving
  • How we can support ourselves when returning to work while grieving
  • A grief coaching tool to use
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Coronavirus support – Grief & loss awareness workshops/coaching

Grief & loss awareness workshop

For managers or employees

(up to 90mins – remote via Zoom)

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A more personal, interactive version of the webinar, designed to cover the topic in more detail. The more interactive format ensures the content can be more tailored to the specific needs of the audience. It can be tailored towards managers, to help them support employees.  Or towards employees to provide direct support to them.

The workshop covers all elements of the webinar, and can be tailored to meet the needs of the attendees, including:

  • More dedicated support and awareness as part of a wellbeing programme or initiative
  • Specific support where a significant loss has occurred
  • As an add-on module to an existing management development training programme

Facilitated interactive workshop delivered via Zoom


By the end of the workshop, participants will feel more comfortable about how to support themselves and how to communicate with a colleague, friend or loved one during this traumatic time.

1:1 grief & loss coaching support

For HR and/or managers

(60mins – remote via Zoom)

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Ad hoc coaching support for managers or HR professionals wishing to better support their employees and team members during grief, loss and significant change.

The coaching is tailored to the needs of the manager and their specific circumstances, to help build their awareness and understanding of the emotions of grief, coaching-led skills and practical advice on how best to support their employee.

One or more 1:1 60 minute coaching sessions via Zoom or other web calling app

Facilitated interactive workshop delivered via Zoom


Managers will feel better prepared to positively support members of their team who have experienced significant loss, change and grief.

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