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Redundancy coaching

Are you exiting an employee, or group of employees, either via redundancy or settlement? HR Redundancy Coaching is an affordable and highly bespoke programme of coaching to help individuals in your organisation post-redundancy to get back on their feet and find the role they want.

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Is your business currently dealing with redundancy?

Maybe you are the HR leader managing the very challenging conversations, and wanting to provide some options to help support the individuals affected.

​If so, my redundancy coaching programmes may be just what you are looking for… from bespoke 121 coaching to affordable group programmes, all delivered virtually, there is something to suit all budgets.

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Group and individual support options

Bespoke 121 Redundancy Coaching

The Redundancy 121 Coaching is an affordable highly bespoke programme of coaching to help an individual post-redundancy to get back on their feet and find the role they want.

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How does it work?

Is your organisation willing to invest? Once we agree to get started and have the paperwork in place, you introduce me by email to the individuals you want to offer my coaching to.  From that point, you don’t need to be involved. I email the individual directly, outline my coaching and prompt them to think about the focus area they would feel is most beneficial to them. This way, we can make progress together from the start of the first call.  No faffing.  We want to get results fast!

Every participant will receive:

  • Agreed number of 60 min Zoom calls (usually 3 per participant)
  • Bespoke coaching to suit their particular circumstances
  • Resources and coaching tools to use between sessions, as appropriate
  • Direct scheduling of sessions at a pace that suits them
  • My 34-page e-book ‘Bouncing Back From Redundancy Toolkit’ packed with tips and ideas to drive a successful job search – fast

Redundancy Outplacement

The Redundancy Group Outplacement Programme is an innovative, super-affordable programme designed to turbo-boost an individual’s job search post-redundancy using a blend of formats all packed with tips and activities to complete.

I created this specifically for clients with 20+ redundancies to support, where budgets might not stretch to 121 coaching for everyone (though is available as an alternative/additional option depending on the model you select).

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What does it involve?

A group programme design is agreed with a designated start date.  Everyone receives an invite to join on the same date.

Every participant will receive:

  • My 5 chapter e-book ‘Bouncing Back From Redundancy Toolkit’ packed with tips and ideas to drive a successful job search – fast
  • 6x emails with top tips, information and activities to complete in real-time and in the right order to get the best results
  • live masterclass workshops with me within the same fortnight, to go into more detail on certain aspects
  • option 121 coaching for premium and bespoke programmes

Typical Areas Covered (both 121 and Group)

Practical job search skills

Getting everything in place from a practical perspective to find and land your ideal job.

It could be creating a strong cv, preparing for interview, nailing your elevator pitch,  improving your personal brand or building and working your professional network. We can work together on any of these areas to help you find and secure your ideal role.

I have c25 years’ experience in HR,  so have first-hand knowledge of what employers are looking for, and how to stand out from the crowd.

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Explore a career change idea

Could the redundancy be the catalyst needed to make a career change?

Some clients have used redundancy coaching with me as an opportunity to explore the viability of completely changing career. The coaching offers a valuable opportunity to talk frankly and confidentially with a qualified coach.

A chance to explore career change ideas or business propositions. I can help you determine if it is something you truly want, how realistic it is and the next steps needed to progress.

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Address the emotional impact

Sometimes the emotional shock leaves you unable to think clearly about what to do next.​

Redundancy is a huge and often unwanted change.  Some clients work with me to simply get their head round it all, so they feel better placed to make the right decisions going forward.

My grief and loss expertise helps address these emotions effectively and safely, quickly getting you to a point where you can think more clearly and logically to make the right decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is redundancy coaching?

Redundancy Coaching is an affordable and highly bespoke programme of coaching which has been designed to help individuals’ post-redundancy to get back on their feet and find the role they want. After all, any redundancy can be incredibly demoralising and traumatic, especially if it is unexpected.

What should I expect from the redundancy coaching?

The main purpose of redundancy coaching is to give your former employees the support, guidance and insights they need to navigate this challenging time. They will be assigned a coach that will work alongside them to help them to overcome the difficulties associated with redundancy, whilst giving them the tools, support and motivation they need to find their feet in the world of work again.

For example, their coach will not only help them to clarify their future goals but they also help them to reach them by identifying transferable skills, pinpointing what motivates them , discovering their strengths and weaknesses and helping them to maintain a positive mindset in a period of change.

Armed with the skills, knowledge and expertise needed to support their redundancy journey, a redundancy coach can also help them with practicalities such as writing a winning CV, crafting cover letters and preparing for those all important job interviews.

Who is a redundancy coaching session for?

Redundancy coaching sessions are designed to support employees that have been made redundant or are facing redundancy. The main aim of a redundancy coaching session is to ensure employees have the support they need to overcome the challenges that come hand in hand with redundancy and make the transition into a new job role. This often comes in the form of one-to-one coaching sessions, practical advice such as cv and Linked In tips, and sometimes workshops.

Why is redundancy coaching for employees important?

Redundancy coaching is incredibly important as it helps employees to map out an effective course of action when it comes to getting back on their feet following a redundancy. There’s no time frame in terms of how long this will take and employees are able to access the support and guidance they need, for as long as it takes.

What are the benefits of redundancy coaching?

One of the main benefits of redundancy coaching is that it helps individuals to pinpoint their career achievements and aspirations, so that they can explore future career paths and find their feet again in the world of work. And above all, find their next ideal job!

It’s all about finding the positives during challenging times and understanding that redundancy is not the end of their career journey, as there are always lots of exciting career options to explore and discover.

What questions will you be asking during a redundancy coaching session?

Many people find their first redundancy coaching session quite daunting, and this is often because they do not know what to expect.

With this in mind, it often pays to know what type of questions you might be asked during your coaching session. For example, common questions include the following:

  • What are you truly passionate about?
  • What motivates you?
  • What are your hopes for the future?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses
  • Are there any new areas of employment you wish to explore?
  • Are you open to exploring new training opportunities?
  • What help do you need in order to further your career?
  • What do you really want from life?


How can I help my team through redundancy?

Redundancies are not only tough on employees but also employers too. However, there’s lots of different ways that you can help employees through redundancy including the following:

  • Always provide financial clarity where you can
  • Ensure all employees have access to any useful resources that will help and support them on their journey
  • Providing a reference
  • Allowing time off for training or to search for a new job

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