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Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching and development sessions are confidential, skilled and focused conversations that challenge and support you to work out strategies to enable your business leaders to succeed. It can help improve a leader’s ability to accomplish tasks efficiently, influence others to perform well, accelerate their personal development, improve business results and engagement levels, as well as developing their leadership presence and impact on the organisation.

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Executive Coaching

Leadership coaching helps to develop individual performance capabilities and achieve optimum strategic results. It gives an individual a safe space to explore their strengths and weaknesses with a third party, and create a development plan that is specific to their needs. Often this involves helping the individual to find the right leadership approach that works best for them and for your company.

Leadership coaching can support a range a specific needs:

  • To identify strengths and blindspots through increased self-awareness, and build strategies to develop in the right areas
  • To support wellbeing, resilience and work/life blend
  • To improve leadership effectiveness
  • To evolve practical approaches to real-time issues faced, such as a challenging work relationship
  • To support the ’step up’ into a more senior role, or first 90 days in a new role.

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Leadership Development

Strengths profile

The core strengths profile is based on you, and reveals your own unique filter on the world. The strengths based coaching questions explore how you do things, rather than what you’re doing, helping you to understand why you behave the way you do, and how we relate to each other. Relationship building is more than a soft skill, and the core strengths profile questionnaire can help you relate to others, communicate and build the ability to improve dialogue.

Leadership skills can and should be continually improved upon. As you reach your development goals, reassess your leadership skills and choose new areas to work on. Some key skills include initiative skills, organisational, delegation, communication and interpersonal skills.

Setting actionable leadership goals helps you to continuously develop skills and work towards a leadership development plan. We will work together to build a roadmap of how your organisation plans to nurture leadership skills in employees across all levels; it will address the needs of leaders of all levels within the organisation, both current leaders and those you wish to train for future leadership positions. It will include leadership goals that align with both strategic business needs and interpersonal, or more human, needs.

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“Gemma has coached me through a time of significant personal growth at work, playing a significant role in enabling me to assume greater responsibility and add more value to the organisation without adversely affecting my home life. The coaching has provided me with the means to clearly focus on my priorities and my resilience, allowing me to maximise my financial contribution to the business as the top performing Director for the year.”

Technology Company

“I would strongly recommend Gemma’s coaching to anyone in a leadership role, even if you don’t know exactly what areas you want to develop. I was sceptical at first, but working with Gemma has given me confidence to define and project my leadership style, even as I dealt with multiple business transformations leading up to my current role”

Acting CFO
Acting CFO
Privately owned global company (Small Cap)

“Thanks to Gemma’s guidance, I’ve transitioned from being a teammate to becoming a true leader. I’m grateful for the transformation she has inspired in me. I turned to Gemma to enhance my professional growth and challenge my imposter syndrome. Gemma’s natural and humble approach instantly put me at ease during our sessions. She helped me refine delegation within my team, guided me in organizing my time better and bringing out the best in myself during challenging moments.”

Chief Legal Counsel
Chief Legal Counsel
Global Technology Company

How my clients have personally benefited from leadership training

  • Develop a leadership style fit for your organisation
  • Improve team performance and output
  • Practice discipline and inspire others to do so
  • Enable empowerment, engagement to create a high-performance culture
  • Find the purpose in what you do as a leader
  • Do more with less and achieve work–life balance
  • Resolve conflicts with improved outcomes
  • Prove a return on investment (ROI) that shows the impact on your organisation

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Leadership coaching to develop and maintain performance strategies

Some of the best and most established organisations still fail to adapt to change, implement strategic plans successfully or prepare for an evolving future. A leadership strategy can help develop or maintain performance, by delivering a clear roadmap of how many leaders are needed, of what kind, where, with what skills, addressing both individual leadership goals as well as collectively to achieve strategic success.

Investing in a leadership development consultant can result in a meaningful, positive impact on the bottom line.

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Gain your competitive edge with leadership and management development

Many of my clients have been with me on and off for years – I am never far away and always on the end of a phone. All of my leadership coaching clients can choose to refresh at any time, allowing them to reflect on the key insights gained and ensure that the changes made as a result of the coaching will stick and become life changing.

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Where do I start?

  1. It starts with a conversation, to explore what you are looking for and how I could help. We use this conversation to discuss the challenges you are facing, or goals and outcomes you’d like to achieve through the leadership coaching.
  2. Following this session, if you want to go ahead, I would recommend a bespoke programme of coaching, often a series of monthly coaching sessions (though this does vary depending on specific needs).
  3. We will confirm the specific areas you want to focus on, and also discuss logistics, timings and other practicalities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is leadership coaching?

A leadership coaching session is a confidential, skilled, and focused conversation with leaders within the organisation to challenge and support them in developing strategies that will help them achieve success.

What should I expect from a leadership coaching session?

With a bespoke leadership coaching session, we will discuss various aspects of the business, including challenges and leadership goals. From there, we will work together to create a plan that will enable you to:

  • Develop a leadership style fit for your organisation
  • Improve team performance and output
  • Practice discipline and inspire others
  • Enable empowerment and engagement to create a high-performance culture
  • Find the purpose in what you do as a leader
  • Do more with less and achieve work-life balance
  • Resolve conflicts with improved outcomes
  • Prove a return on investment (ROI) that shows a positive impact on your organisation

Who is a leadership coaching session for?

Leadership coaching sessions are designed for leaders within the organisation, typically at the Head of, Director and Executive level, That said, strengths-based coaching is universally applicable to all employees, and ideally should be extended as broadly as budget allows.

How will leadership coaching help me to become a better leader?

A leadership coach will provide you with ways to deepen your self-awareness, identify obstacles and ways to overcome, encourage you to experiment with new strategies and behaviours, and then reflect on the impact they have on your business. They also help to accelerate your personal development by discussing areas for improvement both on a personal and professional level.

Identify your strengths

A self-assessment exercise

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How to deal with imposter syndrome

A coaching exercise

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