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Could a Bonus Scheme Benefit Your Business?

Bonus schemes can be a powerful and cost-effective mechanism to keep your employees engaged in their work and motivated to complete their roles to a high standard.  However, they are often ineffective for a whole range of reasons – too complicated, unrealistic targets, unfair or

How to Address the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation is a phrase first coined in the US, describing a seismic shift in the US labour market, driven by a record number of resignations in late 2021. We’ve adopted the phrase here in the UK, though we should probably also remember that,

Addressing the Gender Pay Gap

I recently attended an excellent webinar hosted by The Global Institute for Women’s Leadership on how to push for progress on the UK’s gender pay gap. It covered research about the current state of the gender pay gap and steps businesses should take to address

Gender Pay Gap weighing scales

How to Identify and Solve Pay Inequality

Pay inequality in the workplace remains in the spotlight for UK employers, even though the Equal Pay Act established a legal framework for this over 50 years ago. While there has been some progress over recent years, including the introduction of compulsory Gender Pay Gap

UK Pay Structures

The Most Popular Types of Pay Structures Explained

One of the most crucial considerations for any employer is how to pay their employees fairly and equitably. Get your remuneration strategy right, and you will be able to attract and retain the top talent for your business.  The path of progression will be consistent

The Future of Reward & Talent Management

Workplace productivity brings a variety of benefits, such as profitability, employee morale and overall job satisfaction. Productivity is key and if your workforce is productive and dedicated to their work, the quality and quantity of their work will also improve. However, having a productive workforce

Women in HR

The Role Of HR In the Gender Pay Gap

The Role Of HR In the Gender Pay Gap The gender pay gap and the differences between how men and women are treated in the workplace is an important issue in any HR role. It raises a plethora of questions concerning equality, diversity and workplace