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Boots promises better office wifi and food as it calls workers back five days a week – but will it be enough?

Boots confirmed its plan for its 3,900 head office workers spread across Nottingham, Weybridge, and London to resume office working five days a week and move away from hybrid working.

In a statement to People Management, a spokesperson for Boots stated, “We are asking team members to make the office their usual place of work.”

“We really value the team spirit that comes with being together in person. There will of course still be times when working from home is necessary for either personal or business reasons.”

Diverging from approaches taken by other companies like Nationwide, the spokesperson mentioned that Boots intends to enhance its office infrastructure. This includes T systems and Wi-Fi, along with providing additional quiet zones and improved parking facilities. Furthermore, they expressed a commitment to enhancing food options.

Gemma Bullivant, an HR and coaching consultant, shared her perspective, acknowledging the importance of certain face-to-face interactions. She remarked, “If we have learned one thing from wider hybrid working, it is that there are activities that are better done away from office distractions and activities that are better done in person.”

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