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How to Implement Pay Transparency: What UK HR Leaders Need to Know

Pay transparency has been a hot topic in recent years, with many organisations considering the benefits and challenges of sharing employee salary information. Proponents argue that pay transparency can improve employee engagement, reduce the gender pay gap, and increase trust in the organisation. However, some

Is pay transparency good for business?- CIPD Podcast

As a guest on CIPD Podcast hosted by Nigel Cassidy, I share my experience and views on the topic of pay transparency. In this podcast episode, we explore the importance of pay transparency in a business and how it can combat existing pay inequalities and

Total Rewards Strategies That Go Beyond Monetary Value

Often, when a business thinks about a reward scheme, its first thought is attractive remuneration and incentive bonuses. But that doesn’t have to be the only card up your sleeve. A far better approach is to offer a total reward strategy which goes beyond monetary

How To Motivate Execs: Executive Compensation That Sticks

How To Motivate Execs: Executive Compensation That Sticks Executives set the direction for the company, influencing culture, productivity, profit, and results. So, it stands to reason that attracting and retaining top talent for these roles is a critical component of a successful business. You need

Could a Bonus Scheme Benefit Your Business?

Bonus schemes can be a powerful and cost-effective mechanism to keep your employees engaged in their work and motivated to complete their roles to a high standard.  However, they are often ineffective for a whole range of reasons – too complicated, unrealistic targets, unfair or

How to Address the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation is a phrase first coined in the US, describing a seismic shift in the US labour market, driven by a record number of resignations in late 2021. We’ve adopted the phrase here in the UK, though we should probably also remember that,

Addressing the Gender Pay Gap

I recently attended an excellent webinar hosted by The Global Institute for Women’s Leadership on how to push for progress on the UK’s gender pay gap. It covered research about the current state of the gender pay gap and steps businesses should take to address