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Published on: Press & Media

How should HR handle the end of all COVID measures?

In the final step of the government’s ‘Living with Covid’ plan, from tomorrow (1 April) universal free Covid testing will end in England.

Although some free testing will continue through April in Scotland and Northern Ireland, testing will only be provided in England for the most vulnerable and those in certain frontline roles.

A temporary expansion to statutory sick pay has already been rolled back, and while those with symptoms will be advised to stay at home for the first five days, the government is keen for Covid to be treated “like other respiratory illnesses”.

Gemma Bullivant, HR coach and consultant, says employers need to develop their own strategy to this dilemma. She suggests a transitional approach over the next three to six months where employees are encouraged to test where Covid is suspected, with the business covering the cost. “Things need to be agile and open to change as circumstances change,” she says.

Bullivant adds securing a budget for a temporary measure such as this “might be easier than a wholesale and indefinite [approach] which may not be necessary in the long term”.

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