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Published on: Press & Media

HR support for employee mental health and building company culture may be hampered by hybrid working

The latest CIPD report reveals that hybrid working poses challenges for HR in supporting mental health and building organisational culture. 

In this article, Executive coach and HR consultant Gemma Bullivant expressed that supporting employee mental health and wellbeing in a hybrid setting can be more difficult due to the transactional nature of remote meetings. 

She emphasises the crucial role of HR in addressing these challenges through specialised training for managers to “maintain and even enhance the human element in remote work”. 

She advised HR professionals to “continuously review and adapt hybrid working policies and organisational culture to create an environment where employee mental health and wellbeing remain a top priority, regardless of the working arrangement.”    

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To see Gemma Bullivant’s full expertise in the feature with People Management, please find the article here. If you are interested in learning more about this subject and Gemma’s commentary, please get in touch, or explore her leadership coaching service.