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Published on: Press & Media

Majority of candidates less likely to apply for roles that don’t specify salary

Four in five jobseekers say they are less likely to apply for a job if the advert doesn’t specify a salary, research has revealed, leading to calls for better transparency over pay during the recruitment process.

The poll, conducted by recruitment site Reed, found that 78 per cent of people looking for a job would be put off applying if the salary was not displayed.

Gemma Bullivant, an independent HR and reward consultant, added: “Pay transparency is a crucial component of the reward strategy and architecture of an organisation and something that is often overlooked or considered too hard to tackle.

“With the right architecture in place you can attract more talent to your pipeline as this survey suggests, streamline recruitment processes, establish clear pathways to grow and retain key talent and make robust and equitable pay decisions to ensure any pay inequities are resolved,” she said.

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