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Published on: Press & Media

Majority of public sector workers want to keep flexible working, research shows

Three-quarters of public sector workers would be more likely to stay in a job that allowed remote or hybrid working, a study has found.

The report, published by the Open University and Public Sector Executive (PSE), said hybrid or remote working made organisations more attractive across the public sector, with 73 per cent of those polled saying they’d be more likely to stay in a job that offered this.

Gemma Bullivant, an independent HR coach and consultant, said the findings were not surprising, but questioned whether organisations had truly embraced a hybrid model and remote culture.

“Many organisations are adopting some form of hybrid compromise, but it seems to me that many are doing this reluctantly, and most are not especially clear on how ‘hybrid’ is defined for them, or what specifically is missing in a remote/hybrid environment that needs to be addressed,” she said.

Bullivant added that organisations needed to use this opportunity to “switch the conversation around and create an environment which suits most people, as it will never suit everyone”.

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