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Published on: Press & Media

Organisations told to ‘catch up’ as data shows 7 percent of employees have received AI skills training

New data has revealed that only 7% of UK employees received AI training in the last year, despite high demand for training, People Management reported.  

In this article, Executive coach and HR consultant Gemma Bullivant shared her valuable insights on the pressing issue of AI skills training in the UK workforce, and how AI skills training may become integrated into the mainstream. 

While she acknowledged that AI is an emerging field so it is “not surprising” that AI skills have not become a mainstream offering yet, Gemma also emphasised that firms “urgently need to catch up on how to leverage the benefits of AI”. 

She commented: “I wouldn’t be surprised if AI becomes an integral part of the COO role, because it spans every main executive area, from people, tech and finance, to supply chain, operations, and marketing”. 

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To read the full feature with People Management, please see it here. If you are interested in learning more about this subject and Gemma’s commentary, please get in touch