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Problem solver: ‘I’m concerned some of our ethnic minority employees do not feel able to be themselves in the office.’

How can we create a more supportive environment?

A panel of experts advises on what can be done to make work feel more welcoming and inclusive. CIPD members can sign in to receive access to all articles on the People Management website.

I was joined by Nadia Nagamootoo, founder and CEO of Avenir Consulting Services, and Ruth Wragg-Jone, OD manager at Fitzgerald HR.

Gemma Bullivant, HR coach and consultant and co-host of The Strategic Leader podcast:

Creating a more inclusive and supportive workplace environment is integral to a comprehensive total reward strategy. The concept of ‘total reward’ goes beyond monetary pay and includes all the reasons an employee chooses to join, stay with or leave an organisation. EDI training is also a key component. It helps mitigate biases and fosters empathy among employees.

However, it needs to go beyond the training. The concepts learned in training need to be consistently applied and role-modelled in the business. Encourage employees to share their experiences, concerns and expectations openly. This transparency enhances workplace relationships and creates a culture where employees feel valued, heard and encouraged to contribute.

Representation in leadership and decision-making roles communicates a clear message that diversity is celebrated.

It is imperative to enforce zero tolerance for discrimination, demonstrating the organisation’s commitment to an inclusive workplace.