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Published on: Loss & Change Support

Secrets to a financially healthy life – Quilter Podcast

As a guest on Secrets to a Financially Healthy Life Podcast hosted by Jane Constantinis, I share my experience and views on the topic of redundancy. 

In this podcast episode, we explore the importance of financial advice through life and career, including the stigma associated with redundancy and how it can change people’s outlook on life. We touch on the challenges of finding new employment and the importance of staying resilient during difficult times. Finally, we talk about the importance of having a financial plan in place and how it can give you a sense of control over your life and career. 

Overall, this podcast provides a holistic overview and practical advice on how to manage and achieve a healthy financial lifestyle. 

Topics discussed include

  • Being prepared for redundancy
  • How to cope with redundancy
  • Employment after redundancy
  • Challenges of emotional health and well-being
  • Importance of financial advice through life and career
  • Golden pieces of advice from guest speakers

Watch or listen to the full podcast here.