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Published on: The Strategic Leader Podcast

Season 2 Episode 1: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

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We discuss the complex topic of imposter syndrome, including a discomfort with the term itself, and whether it’s even really ‘a thing’. We explore how there are blurred line between natural nervousness and the imposter syndrome term we all recognise. And we talk about what to do about the sometimes debilitating effects of low confidence, fear and nerves.  


We challenge the notion of imposter syndrome as a fixed label, suggesting instead that there is a more nuanced understanding of individual experiences. Rather than trying to tackle ‘a syndrome’ which feels vague, we suggest that through self-awareness and compassion, we can identify underlying fears and address them proactively, rather than using imposter syndrome as an excuse for inaction. 


Ultimately, the goal is to cultivate a sense of confidence and resilience which will both improve our strategic impact.


Key Points Discussed:

  – Differentiating between natural nervousness and imposter syndrome.

  – Reframing fears as excitement and visualising positive outcomes.

  – Challenging the notion of imposter syndrome as a fixed label.

  – Resetting our expectations for success and embracing a growth mindset.

  – Using self-awareness and compassion to address underlying fears.


Key Timestamps:

  – [07:34] Introduction to imposter syndrome and its relevance.

  – [18:04] Exploring the neurological similarities between fear and excitement.

  – [22:27] Redefining success and managing expectations.

  – [26:00] Challenging the concept of imposter syndrome as a fixed label.

  – [28:30] Conclusion and invitation for listener engagement.


Key Takeaway:

Imposter syndrome is a nuanced experience that can be reframed through better self-awareness, compassion, and a growth mindset, ultimately empowering individuals to navigate professional challenges with confidence and impact.


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