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Published on: Grief

Walk The Talk – POINT3 Wellbeing Podcast


This month, I was featured as a guest speaker on the podcast Walk The Talk: Lessons from Leaders’ series, hosted by Sarah Mayo from POINT3 Wellbeing. 

Grief and bereavement are profoundly personal and unique experiences, often leaving individuals feeling isolated. 

In this episode, I had the opportunity to delve into the subject of grief and bereavement in the workplace, opening up candidly about my personal journey with grief and touching upon the emotional and practical challenges we can face when dealing with a traumatic loss or change. 

Throughout our conversation, I explored key models and concepts in depth, offering valuable insights on identifying and processing grief. I also advise on key strategies for extending support to our colleagues within the workplace to foster a more compassionate and empathetic workplace.  

Our overarching aim with this podcast is to provide support and guidance to those navigating grief while equipping those working alongside the bereaved with actionable advice and meaningful tips. 

Topics discussed include

Defining the Grief Process 

We consider how we can define grief and the process that each of us goes through. 

Understanding the Stress Container 

Reflecting on the grief process, we examine the concept of the ‘Stress Container’ and how grief experiences intertwine with other stressors in our lives. 

The Dual Process Model

In a discussion of ways we can support ourselves, we take a closer look at the grief curve and the dual process model. 

The Multi-Dimensions of Flourishing

As we explore key coping strategies, we analyse this unique model through the lens of grief, and how we can begin to reflect and become more aware of our wellbeing. 

Supporting Colleagues in the Workplace

Recognising that grief in the workplace can be an isolating experience for the bereaved, we discuss ways colleagues can showcase empathy and compassion. 

Managerial and Leadership Support

On a final note, I outline essential guidance and strategic insights for managers and leaders on supporting the mental health and well-being of employees and managing grief in the workplace.

Watch or Listen to the Full Podcast

Before you listen, it is important to acknowledge that this is an emotive subject and that the discussion around the topics may be difficult to listen to. 

Lessons from Leaders with Gemma Bullivant

To find out more about how we can support your business through grief and bereavement, please get in touch today.