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Published on: Press & Media

Commuting can help improve work-life balance, study suggests

As more people return to the workplace, a study carried out by the University College London (poll of 3000+ working-age adults across the UK), commissioned by the Rail Delivery Group, found that 48% of people returning to the office expect to experience improvements in mental health, whilst 46% expect to have a better work-life balance. Experts are saying that the benefits are dependent on the type of commute and that other routines to break up the workday are just as effective.

Based on these results, it was argued that commuting could have a positive impact on productivity, wellbeing and cognitive performance. For professional HR consultant and coach Gemma Bullivant, commuting was only a positive experience when workers are able to make it productive but enjoyable as it gives people a chance to plan or reflect on their days.

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