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Published on: Press & Media

The end of furlough: what does HR need to know?

Over after a year and a half after the Coronivarus Job Retention Scheme was first introduced, it is finally coming to an end from the 30th September. Employers can make their last claims on this date for financial support to pay the wages of staff not working. 

However, as restrictions have eased to help the economy get back on its feet, the amount of people on furlough has steadily declined. According to Gemma Bullivant, a professional HR consultant and coach, whether employers are bringing furloughed workers back or encouraging them to return to the office. They will need the proper support to reintegrate and refresh to meet the needs of a post-covid environment. She also suggests that firms need to ask themselves whether managers have become accustomed to managing outcomes rather than time employees spend at their desks.

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