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Eliminating tension between management and employees

Workplace drama doesn’t benefit anyone, particularly when it’s between team members and management. Tense atmospheres lead to increased stress levels among employees, decreased productivity, and, ultimately, a toxic work environment. 

Every leadership team can benefit from guidance on how to maintain a balanced work environment. In an article for Fast Company, Gemma Bullivant, executive coach and HR consultant, gives her expert opinion on how to eliminate workplace tension between employees and management.

She states that a main source of conflict arises from how managers respond to confrontation, drawing on Eric Berne’s parent, child, and adult ego states.

“In workplace interactions, one major source of tension between employees and executives lies in the automatic, often subconscious, adoption of different ‘ego states.’”

“As a manager, you may start a conversation with an employee in the adult state, but if they reply in a certain way, it might prompt you to adopt a more parental approach, which could lead to conflict.”

“The key to avoiding or rectifying this tension is to notice these changes in our behaviour and learn to consciously operate from the “adult” ego state. “

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To learn more about ego states and how to respond to employees, find the full Fast Company article here. Alternatively, to get personalised help in employee relationship management, get in contact with Gemma or explore her leadership coaching service.