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From The Boardroom To The Courtroom – The People Crisis Podcast

As a guest on From The Boardroom To The Courtroom podcast hosted by Simon Gibson, who is a leading lawyer and now the CEO of the Spirant Group, I talk about The People Crisis.

In this podcast episode with Simon Gibson, we explore the current critical issues with hiring and retaining staff that businesses face, as well as my thoughts on how the NHS waiting lists might be affecting absence levels in the workplace. I also discuss the various recruitment challenges, recruitment retention, and how this affects costs and hiring processes. 

The podcast ends with my top tips and recommendations for what our leaders should do in order to address these issues in the near future.

While the podcast is primarily aimed at legal firms, the topics we cover are applicable across all sectors.

Topics discussed include

  • Culture. Expectation vs reality – How can law firms and other businesses improve employee happiness and productivity?
  • Top tips for businesses with high labour turnover
  • Eye-watering costs from record-high sick days in the UK and the NHS crisis.
  • Managing these costs whilst providing key benefits and resources to your staff
  • What does this all mean for your business, people and costs? 

Watch or listen to the full podcast here


0:00 – Intro & ad

4:19 – Guest introduction

6:20 – Most common/relevant challenges businesses face

8:38 – The people’s crisis 

14:48 – NHS alternatives?

19:09 – Change in employee behaviour 

24:20 – Sharpening your attraction tools as a business

32:46 – The conflict between performance and employee well-being

42:00 – Tips to law firms for the people’s crisis

44:24 – Outro

Simon Gibson, a former lawyer and turned CEO, hosts podcasts that talk about different topics in relation to law, including the big issues that are facing legal services and general practices. With the help of guests from the world of business and law, each episode delivers fascinating conversations covering the courtroom, the boardroom and everything in between. 

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