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Published on: Press & Media

Gender equality: are women carrying the heaviest burden during this pandemic?

According to a study carried out by Bloomberg, during this pandemic, women were found to be carrying the heaviest burden compared to men. Some of these burdens included childcare, homeschooling and housework.

As a professional HR Consultant, Gemma Bullivant noticed the clear domestic inequalities with redundancy clients that she provided coaching for. Gemma found that the women she coached were far more likely to be integrating childcare responsibilities into their career plan, compared with men. Conversely, she had noticed no difference between men and women when dealing with the emotional impact of redundancy. Surprisingly, both men and women experience very similar grief emotions.

Gemma would like to encourage employers to give the male employees the option to flexible working across all industries. Alongside this, Gemma would also like men to be recognised for their emotions and allowed time away from work to balance their work and personal life.

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