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Published on: Press & Media

Helping your boss to understand how you feel about the situation

Three professionals respond to a member of everywomanNetwork’s worry that the quantity of work she performs outside of her job description makes her status as manager meaningless.

My role is a managerial onebut although I have the title, I have no one working under meso– I end up doing a lot of the ‘doing’ myself– alongside the responsibilities of my role. This has caused me to feel increasingly overworked and that my ‘manager’ job title is meaningless. Aside from how this all makes me feel right now, I am also concerned that my lack of ‘team’ and the authority of being a line manager will limit my future career opportunities. I have tried to explain the situation to my line manager, but no support has materialised, and I’m left feeling that I’m just coming across as a moaner. So, beyond just stating that I’m overworked, how can I effectively demonstrate my workload and request extra resources in line with the position I’m supposed to hold?’ 

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